Build Your Own Database and Market to Ours

FACEOFFERS allows you to easily build your own database or market to ours. With the SALESFLASH Add-on and a FREE Merchant account, we provide you with a local mobile number that can send and receive text messages. By texting the word OFFER to your mobile number, people can easily opt-in to your marketing program. We also provide a feature that allows you to link one of your private offers to the mobile number along with a reward feature that allows you to offer a deeper incentive if someone completes a full customer profile. For example, you can create an offer for 10% off and give an additional 20% for a total of 30% off for anyone who registers using their name, email, zip code etc… We even give you digital and print marketing tools, so you can easily market your program.

To see a real working demo for Kick Arse BBQ, text the word/message OFFER to 972.934.4134 as shown below.

You can then use SALESFLASH Credits to post the offer to Facebook and/or Twitter and to send text messages and/or emails to people who have registered for your program. The text message and emails contain personal links to the offer on your Offers Page whereas the offer posted to Facebook and Twitter contain general links. From the Offers Page, a user can click on the Get Code button to generate a barcode.

Not only do we allow you to build your own marketing list, but we automatically display your public offers to anyone within 10 miles of your address via the FACEOFFERS Consumer App. We even allow Consumer App user’s to easily opt-in to your campaign. So, with FACEOFFERS we allow you to acquire new customers using our database and convert them into your program with the click of a button.

We also encourage you as the business owner, your local manager or perhaps a marketing employee to be the FACE of the OFFER. As such, we display your image in the Offers Page and allow you to create a personalized Mobile Page that displays within the Consumer App.

A word about Wi-Fi Marketing.

Offering people FREE Wi-Fi access while at your business is a nice perk for customers and a great way to engage with them. By utilizing our Wi-Fi Alive service, we can use your existing Wi-Fi connection as yet another tool to help build your marketing database. You can then send a SalesFlash to people who are either frequent customers or folks who haven’t been been in for a while. For more information click here, or please contact us at

Image showing what a customer would see and text to gain access to your guest Wi-Fi network

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