Do more by thinking like Marc Lore


This post originally appeared as an article on LinkedIn.

I’m searching for some progressive retail and restaurant execs that are looking to leverage their two most powerful assets – location and people – to drive new customer acquisition and to increase the frequency of visits. Lately, we’ve seen retailers, like Walmart, intelligently infuse their location into the e-Commerce equation by offering discounts to customers who are willing to pick up items they purchase online. This is the perfect marriage of location and technology that few companies can compete with, but it took a new addition to the team to figure this out. You see, this is the brainchild of Marc Lore who came over in the purchase. The point is that sometimes it takes an outsider to influence an organization or perhaps an entire industry to change.

This past Thursday, I officially opened up my new saas platform to the public. The service is called FACEOFFERS and it combines my passion for local business with my love for saving a little money. We all get that rush when we feel like we’ve gotten a good deal and FACEOFFERS allows businesses of all sizes to easily create custom offers that entice and invite customers to come shop at your store or dine at your restaurant. Whether you are a small mom and pop restaurant with one location or a big retailer with a large national footprint, everyone needs more customers and FACEOFFERS can help.

The Walmart example is a great illustration of how a business’s location can be intelligently infused with technology to create an unparalleled value proposition for the consumer, but there’s more that can be done. Much like Walmart’s new discount model, FACEOFFERS leverages the location but takes it a step further by adding people to the equation. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the main page of our website and view the video. The video is just a small example of what you can do with the technology. To do more, we need to think like Marc Lore and intelligently infuse the technology into the business.