FACEOFFERS Merchant App FOMA Version 5.2 is Available in the App Store


FACEOFFERS is pleased to announce that version 5.2 of the Merchant App or FOMA is available in the iOS, Android and Windows App Store. Version 5.2 adds a receipt capture and total amount tracking capability. It also features a capability that groups Offers by Published or Not Published in order to make management easier.

Here is a video showing how the new receipt capture feature works. The receipt capture allows you to use the camera to take a picture of the receipt. The app will then attempt to read the dollar amount printed on the receipt and insert the amount as the total. If the app fails to read the amount, you can manually enter the number. Alternatively, for those using the API, you now have a place to store a receipt/transaction image as well as a total amount for each redeemed Offer.

Once a receipt is captured and/or a total is entered, here are some reports that you can easily access. This report displays the Grand Total, which is the sum of all the redeemed Offers per Offer.


This reports displays the redeemed Offers in a grid. You can then hover over the receipt image to get a larger view. Alternatively, you can download the receipt.


Here is an image showing a bunch of Offers grouped by Published or Not Published. We’ve also added an indicator letting you know if the Offer is active or not. It will appear as a switch to the right of the Offer text as indicated in the image below.


Other additions in this version include:
– Check for network connection (If the network is down or inaccessible, the app will log the user out and return to the login page.)
– Changed the color of the menu navigation. (The menu background is now white.)

Version 5.2 is available as of 7/4/17.