FACEOFFERS Merchant App FOMA Version 5.3 is Available in the App Store


FACEOFFERS is pleased to announce that version 5.3 of the Merchant App or FOMA is available in the iOS, Android and Windows App Store. Version 5.3 adds management for private and paused offers. It also features a capability that allows one-click posting to both Facebook and Twitter without login.

Private Offers do not display in the More Offers section of the Offers Page. This makes them ideal for creating exclusive offers that only actual Customers can use. Simply create an Offer and mark it as Private. You can then use the SalesFlash feature to send an email or text message to Consumers that includes a personalized link to the Offer.

Here is a screen shot showing how the private feature works. Please see the private switch in the image below.


Paused offers display a “paused message” when someone tries to the view them. We added the Pause feature, so that an Offer could easily be placed into a paused status if there is a need to do so. Instead of deleting the Offer, you can now pause it.

Here’s an image showing how the pause feature works. Please see the pause/resume button in the image below.


You can now post an Offer to any Facebook Page (many) that you manage or any Twitter account (one) that you have access to. All you have to do is authorize SalesFlash to access Facebook and/or Twitter on your behalf. To do this, visit the Manage Profile – SalesFlash Accounts page in the Portal.

Here is a screen shot showing how the post to Facebook and Twitter works. Please see the Twitter and Facebook checkboxes along with the switch to select the Facebook pages you want to post to in the image below.


Other additions in this version include:
– Added role-based access. We have now restricted offer management portions of the app to users who have the Merchant role. This allows other users to access portions of the app that are responsible for scanning and redeeming offers without creating new offers or editing existing ones.
– Added check for Merchant registration completed. If the Merchant hasn’t completed the online registration process, they will be alerted with a message and will not be able to access other areas of the app.
– Added status message at the top of Offer that clearly indicates whether it is Active, Published, Paused or Private.

Here is a screen shot showing what the status messages look like.


Version 5.3 is available as of 9/21/17.