FACEOFFERS Merchant App FOMA Version 5.7 is Available in the App Store


FACEOFFERS is pleased to announce that version 5.7 of the Merchant App or FOMA is available in the iOS and Android App Store. The UWP or Windows App Store version of the app has been dropped, but is still viable based on need. Feel free to contact us to discuss further. Version 5.7 is a minor update.

Changes in this version include:
– Added support for a new Mobile Page feature that works with the new FACEOFFERS Consumer App. As you will see below, a Merchant who has purchased the SalesFlash feature can easily manage their Mobile Page from the FOMA App.

– Changed App name from FACEOFFERS to FACEOFFERS Merchant (5.6)
– Fixed issue with Facebook posting & no page found (5.6)
– Fixed issue with counts on Offers list Page (5.6)
– Fixed issue with SalesFlash and null values (5.6)
– Fixed issue with Remember me feature and delete

Version 5.7 is available as of 8/2/18.

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