FACEOFFERS Portal Version 2.9 is Live


FACEOFFERS is pleased to announce that version 2.9 of the FACEOFFERS Portal is now available. Version 2.9 adds support and management for Google Analytics in the OffersPage, social login for Private Offers displayed on the OffersPage in addition to some minor changes to the look and feel of the OffersPage. With this release, we also fixed a few bugs.

Changes in this version include:
– Added support and management for Google Analytics. The system can now track all interactions with the OffersPage.

– Added social login to the OffersPage. A private offer can now easily be shared without the consumer Id. A user will now be prompted to login using their Twitter or Facebook account or they will be asked to create an account.
– Removed the tag line from the OffersPage. Removed unwanted spacing from the OffersPage. Updated the personal promotion area for the business or an individual.

Since our last email update, we also added the following features:
– Added a Salesforce app on 10/18/18. More info here.
– Added a feature called GeoSpot in version 2.7. A GeoSpot is a virtual location used to trigger the download of an offer within 10 miles of the FACEOFFERS Consumer app.
– Added a Map with marker that shows locations and GeoSpots on a Google map in version 2.7.

– Added management for Digital and Print Marketing pages to Page management in version 2.7.
– Added POS (Point of Sale) integration in version 2.8. More info here.
– Added Wi-Fi Integration in version 2.8. More info here.

The following bugs were fixed and changes were made across all versions.
8/21/18 Fix Header issue on print marketing flyer
8/22/18 Remove GeoSpot locations from OffersPage
8/31/18 Add no locations message in OffersPage if no physical locations found
8/31/18 Allow ECommerceURL, RedeemNote & CompanyUrl to edit in MobilePage
9/8/18 Change Redeem language on OffersPage for no physical locations
11/30/18 Remove deleted consumers from SalesFlash
12/10/18 If SalesFlash Credits are 0 pop message
1/14/19 Fix SalesFlash Payment date on Home page
1/14/19 Add note about grouping Locations in Locations management area

Version 2.7 is available as of 8/16/18.
Version 2.8 is available as of 1/15/19.
Version 2.9 is available as of 4/25/19.