Hope is Not a Strategy

What is a FACEOFFER?

Unlike a coupon, a FACEOFFER by its very nature is a personal and digital invitation to come shop in your store or dine at your restaurant. Instead of giving everyone 50% off in hopes that you might get a 2% redemption rate or selling expensive Groupons, FACEOFFERS can be customized at any price point, limited to control costs, paused when necessary and personalized to reward loyal customers or acquire new ones. For examples, click here.

Percentage of consumers who have looked for a restaurant deal at least once
Percentage of consumers who search for dining deals on a regular basis

Hope is Not a Strategy!

A mentor of mine once gave me a book called “Hope is Not a Strategy”. As an Entrepreneur, technologist and marketer, this phrase has always stuck with me. Bottom line, you can either sit back and wait for customers to come walking through your door or you can put together a strategy and do something about it.

It’s interesting to me that restaurant owners and operators spend hundreds of thousands of dollars opening a new restaurant yet really have no plan when it comes to marketing. Often times, they rely on physical location, neighborhood foot traffic and some buzz, but it does not guarantee you can keep the doors open. From day one, you should start building a database of loyal customers that you can easily tap into when times get hard or changes are made.


That’s why I created FACEOFFERS. I wanted to provide restaurants and other businesses with marketing tools that are inexpensive and easy to use. With the SALESFLASH Add-on and a FREE Merchant account, we provide you with a local mobile number that can send and receive text messages. By texting the word OFFER to your mobile number, people can easily opt-in to your marketing program. We also provide a feature that allows you to link one of your private offers to the mobile number along with a reward feature that allows you to offer a deeper incentive if someone completes a full customer profile. For example, you can create an offer for 10% off and give an additional 20% for a total of 30% off for anyone who registers using their name, email, zip code etc… We even give you digital and print marketing tools, so you can easily market your program.

Percentage of all text messages that are read within 3 Minutes of being delivered
Percentage of respondents who said they would join marketing list with instant coupon/offer
Percentage of consumers who make direct purchases after Receiving an SMS branded text
Percentage of consumers who would use an SMS coupon within 3 days

To see a real working demo for Kick Arse BBQ, text the word/message OFFER to 972.934.4134.

You can then use SALESFLASH Credits to post the offer to Facebook and/or Twitter and to send text messages and/or emails to people who have registered for your program. The text message and emails contain personal links to the offer on your Offers Page whereas the offer posted to Facebook and Twitter contain general links. From the Offers Page, a user can click on the Get Code button to generate a barcode.

Not only do we allow you to build your own marketing list, but we automatically display your public offers to anyone within 10 miles of your address via the FACEOFFERS Consumer App. We even allow Consumer App user’s to easily opt-in to your campaign. So, with FACEOFFERS we allow you to acquire new customers using our database and convert them into your program with the click of a button.

Last but not least, we encourage you as the business owner, your local manager or perhaps a marketing employee to be the FACE of the OFFER. As such, we display your image in the Offers Page and allow you to create a personalized Mobile Page that displays within the Consumer App.

Image showing your facial photo and personal message on the Mobile Page.

As you can see, we’ve thought of pretty much everything. We created a service that is easy to use, inexpensive, turn key and effective so, hope no more! With FACEOFFERS you too can now have a strategy. Below, you will find additional information on our Merchant App, POS integrations and Wi-Fi Marketing service.

Setup a FREE Merchant account!

Hope is Not a Strategy video from our founder featuring Merchant App & Offers Page!

A word about the Merchant App.

A a busy professional running a restaurant, speed, ease of use and automation is key when running a marketing program. That’s why we created the FACEOFEFERS Merchant App. Using the app, you can easily create new offers or edit existing ones. You can even publish and distribute them. Not only can you manage offers using the app, but you can even use the app as a scanner in order to redeem offers. FOMA runs on iOS and Android devices. For more on the Merchant App, click here.

A word about POS integration.

You can use the FACEOFFERS Merchant App (FOMA) or our API to redeem offers, but for some companies POS integrations are necessary. Starting with the most popular restaurant POS vendors, FACEOFFERS works with your existing systems and seamlessly integrates into your current employee workflows. For example, a cashier or server can easily add a FACEOFFERS Discount to an existing ticket and/or add the first 4 characters of the offer id / barcode id to easily track who redeems the offer. Once an offer has been redeemed, it can’t be used again. We even report real-time sales activity, so you know the best time to create and share offers. For more on POS integration, click here.

A word about Wi-Fi Marketing.

Offering people FREE Wi-Fi access while at your restaurant is a nice perk for customers and a great way to engage with them. By utilizing our Wi-Fi Alive service, we can use your existing Wi-Fi connection as yet another tool to help build your marketing database. The system can then detect when people come back or if someone has not been in for a while and automatically respond by sending a FACEOFFER. For more information, please contact us at info@faceoffers.com

Image showing what a customer would see and text to gain access to your guest Wi-Fi network

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