Page Management and Branding

Starting with version 2.3, customers who purchase the SalesFlash add-on can now easily customize and brand their own Offers Page. You will now notice a Page menu item in the left-hand side of the Portal. If you have the SalesFlash add-on, you will be able to edit the Offers Page. If not, you will be greeted with a message letting you know that you need to purchase the add-on in order to edit the Offers Page. As of now, this capability is only extended to the Offers Page. It does not affect either of the marketing pages. Here are some screen shots that show how the new feature works.

Click on Choose File and select an image on your local computer to upload a large or small logo in addition to a background image.


Select whether to turn Captcha on or off. Captcha is a security feature that protects your campaign from generating unnecessary or fake shares that impact your reporting and performance.


Select all kinds of colors for your page. Either copy and paste the hex numbers (rbga for background container) into the appropriate fields or use the box to the right to select a color from a design palette.


Add a link to your company website along with links to specific pages like privacy and terms. You can even edit the tag line in addition to adding a specific note on redemption.


Page Management changes: added with the version 2.4 Portal update

– Added Large Logo Pixels – Use this field to specify the dimensions for the logo.
– Added Small Logo Pixels – Use this field to specify the dimensions for the logo.
– Added Header Color Text (mobile) – Color used for the text in the header area.
– Added Footer Color Text – Color used for the text in the footer area.
– Added eCommerce URL – If populated, the Buy Now button will open a new webpage and pass the OfferId as a parameter. The Buy Now button displays below the QR Code on the OffersPage. Ex.) ={OfferId}

This feature is available starting with version 2.3 of the Portal.