POS Integration

You can use the FACEOFFERS Merchant App (FOMA) or our API to redeem offers, but for some companies POS integrations are necessary. Starting with the most popular restaurant POS vendors, FACEOFFERS works with your existing systems and seamlessly integrates into your current employee workflows. For example, a cashier or server can easily add a FACEOFFERS Discount to an existing ticket and/or add the first 4 characters of the offer id / barcode id to easily track who redeems the offer. Once an offer has been redeemed, it can’t be used again.

We also report on sales and give you real-time information to help you better understand when to run specific promotions. We report daily sales activity in addition to how many offers were redeemed along with the total amount of discounts provided and the total number of checks created. For example, if you see sales were slow in week 1, you can create a promotion for weeks 2 and 3 in order to try and drive additional sales activity.


The POS client gets installed on your back office POS server and works with your existing POS terminals. The service is priced per location.

1 location = $50 per month
2-10 locations = $40 per month / per location
10+ locations = $35 per month / per location

* POS Integration requires the SalesFlash Add-on

Here are the current POS integrations FACEOFFERS supports.


We plan on adding more POS systems over time. If you don’t see your system here, please contact us at info@faceoffers.com to discuss.