Wi-Fi integration

Offering people FREE Wi-Fi access while at your business is a nice perk for customers and a great way to engage with them. By utilizing our Wi-Fi Alive service, we can use your existing Wi-Fi connection as yet another tool to help build your marketing database. You can then send a SalesFlash to people who are either frequent customers or folks who haven’t been been in for a while.

Image showing what a customer would see and text to gain access to your guest Wi-Fi network

This is a hardware and software based solution. In order for this to work, we have to install an Access Point or multiple Access Points at your place of business. The key is creating a Guest Wi-Fi Network that people can access as long as they text the code from their mobile phone. They only have to do this action one time. Once they successfully connect to the network we will simply connect them the next time they attempt to access your guest Wi-Fi.

The integration with FACEOFFERS is already setup. The first time they register for the Wi-Fi network, we will send them a link to their first FACEOFFER. From here, they will be encouraged to register for your loyalty program using their mobile number and email. Once registered, we will now be able to send them FACEOFFERS.

The service costs an additional $100 per month, per Access Point plus equipment costs. Equipment costs for one location typically run around $300. This includes 1 Access Point and 1 Security Gateway. You will own the equipment and we will help you with the install.

Please contact us at info@faceoffers.com to learn more and to discuss your current setup. Please let us know what your total square footage is along with how many concurrent users you have at peak times.

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